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better way to express "an idea/thought suddenly ...

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to Express Ideas in English Clearly and with Confidence

Nervous or shy when you express ideas in English? Learn the real phrases and expressions native speakers use in English to introduce ...

to Express Support in English

How can you best express your support for a friend's idea, opinion, or decision?

Better Ways to Say I Don't Know in English at Work

Has this happened to you at work: a colleague asks a question and you SHOULD know the answer… but you don’t.

Express Your Ideas Clearly - Organize Your Thoughts and Communicate ...

Learn how to express your ideas clearly and effectively in English.

better ...

By using the first day as a time for people to tap into their best selves — and not just fill out paperwork — companies could ease their stress and bring out their full potential, says ...

To Express Gratitude to Others (19 Ideas + Gifts & Challenges)

How we choose to express gratitude can depend significantly on the social context – below are just a few ways in which you can express gratitude to others.

Ways to Express Yourself - wikiHow

Learning how to express yourself in a healthy way can be a wonderful way to live an authentic, more fulfilling life.

ideas to promote creativity | Canva

We have gathered 19 innovative ideas for students to promote creativity in the classroom.