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Free Love Marriage Problem Solution Tips


Here we are sharing the very small poem on love marriage problem solution, Hope you like it and connect it with your story!!!!!

When he got late for our first date

I waited for him thinking it is fate

When he reached with flowers and chocolates

I knew this was meant to grow

So I told myself to let it go

We finally tied the knot

Things were merry and we never fought

Till that one day I got late for our dinner

And I saw his smile fade and anger shimmer

I thought he would wait

I thought he would let it go

“Letting Go” is the main thing of love marriage Problem solution


Letting go is to move on

Letting go is to compromise

Letting go is to overcome

Letting go is to solve problems.


When to let go and what to let go is important in building and breaking relationships. When you don’t let go the silliest issues you build up problems and they keep piling up till they explode one day.

Letting go can also cause problems. Sometimes it means you settle for things. It means you compromise and over-adjusting can make you feel like you are trapped and you will not be happy in the relationship.


Let’s see both instances through examples of love marriage problem solution


Threes year back Tanya and Ajay get married. Both of them love each other a lot. This is a love marriage and before marriage they already have a relationship of 8 years. Tanya loves to shop and Ajay likes to play video games. Both are activities that one can get addicted to. These habits can actually destroy any relationship due to over indulgence.

But at the same time they are also relaxing or regular activities. So some days Tanya shops a lot as long it doesn’t interfere with the family budget or home driven priorities like paying the bill or calling for repair or something as simple as cleaning the house letting go this tiny pleasure of Tanya is acceptable by Ajay. But if he makes a deal about it every time she shops even though she does everything else in the house that will cause problems between them.

Similarly if Ajay takes a time out every now and then from his busy schedule to relax in the virtual world but Tanya does not let it go because it messes with her TV time or she thinks it’s a waste of time then that will build a tiff between both of them.

These were examples when they both could have let it go and let their partners enjoy their respective activities. Individual space and time is also important for human existence and development. This will also increase respect for each other in the relationship.

But if we illustrate the same examples with a little change and explain letting go sometimes can also be the root of Love Marriage problems.

Both with Ajay and Tanya if they were to over indulge in their hobbies and neglect household activities or their children and especially each other then it becomes a case of concern. And during such a time if either of them were to let go and not address the issue then they are harming their relationship.


Things essential for relationships/Love Marriage problem solution include:

love marriage problem solution
love marriage problem solution

Spending time together, taking care of things outside the romantic sphere of relationships, and being there for each other is all important to grow together in a relationship. These things are a solution to every problem not only love marriage problem solution but in every relationship those who recently married & arrange marriage as well.

So it is essential to let go of our authoritarian attitude or controlling behavior and always wanting things to be too perfect and let our partners have some space to breath and you will be surprised how much they confide in you and give you the same treatment in return.


But there are times when you just end up letting go too many times and too often.

Some behavior or attitude should not be tolerated to the extent that you feel hurt or your family life is chaotic. One should not suppress their feelings and keep adjusting to habits that are hindering your love life and relationship growth.

You should learn to voice out your feelings and bring them to notice before it is too late. And the manner in which you do it also tells how it will end. The more you delay, it turns from a concern to a complaint. And when you put forward a complaint it has a negative connotation to it and brings out a negative response as well. When a concern is put forward it is different and the response varies. Letting go the right way can save your relationship/love marriage Problem solution.

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