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Most Common Joint Family Problems & Solution


Ask anybody who’s been living away from their family for a long time now, and they’ll tell you what it is like, the joy of living in a joint family. At the same time, there are people who’d prefer the nuclear family type, staying alone with just the spouse and the kids.

Love Marriage’ has become a fad these days. For a lot of young girls, the only reason they seek a love alliance is to avoid being trapped in a joint family set up.

If you’re a girl, and are about to get married into a joint family, don’t fret! We’re here to help your boat sail through easily.

Jade Magazine shell out some tips for you didn’t face the common joint family Problems-


Joint Family Problems
Are you excited to know how to tackle  Joint Family Problems
  1. Respect your in-laws

The respect that an individual treats other individuals with, forms the cornerstone of the positivity of an individual. As the family size extends, your social circle extends. Whether elder or younger, everyone ought to be treated with respect. Accepting your new family as your new immediate family is what you’ve got to adhere to. (#1 Joint Family Problems)

  1. Understand responsibilities

Large family = Larger responsibilities. If you worry that you don’t have any prior experience of taking care of major responsibilities, then you’re in the wrong zone. In joint families, you can balance out your responsibilities for other members share it with you. Just be aware of your responsibilities, understand them. If you need help, be vocal about it. (#2 Joint Family Problems)

  1. Be helpful

Your mother-in-law and sister-in-law would always help you so that you can adjust in your new family. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do your bit to help them in return. Ask for their help often. You’ve to make them feel you’re as interested in their affairs as any other family member would be. (#3 Joint Family Problems)

  1. Weigh your words

Gradually you’d see that among larger number of people, clashes are inevitable. Try not being a part of any such disagreement, specially in the first year of marriage. Measure your words. Think before you speak. Keep your tongue neutral at all times. (#4 Joint Family Problems)

  1. Don’t complain

In case there occurs a clash between you and any other family member, make it a point to never complain about the same to other members of your family. Your complaining attitude can possibly take things in the wrong direction. Try to figure out how the misunderstanding erupted. If you conclude that it is you who’s at fault, go ahead, apologize and try not repeating the same again. (#5 Joint Family Problems)

  1. Maintain healthy relationships

Every family witnesses quarrels, its really normal! But that really doesn’t mean that you stop interacting with the concerned person. This makes relationships sour. You should try to view things from other person’s perspective and must not ever severe ties with another family member. (#6 Joint Family Problems)

  1. Stay away from gossip

If you hear any gossip about one family member from another family member, the only advice to you is that do not believe it and also, don’t judge the person being talked about on that basis. Gossip is an unhealthy habit and is known to break family ties. So, just because one member of your new family doesn’t like another member of your family, one of them may try to degrade the other’s image in front of you. (#7 Joint Family Problems)

  1. Don’t advocate

Respect every point of view for now there are going to be varied ones. If someone’s point of view differs from you, try and agree to disagree. This attitude directly implies that you stand by your perspective and also respect the other person’s point of view. (#8 Joint Family Problems)

A conclusion of how to stay away Joint Family Problems

If you want to stay on good terms with all members of your new family, try keeping everyone happy, give everyone a benefit of doubt, at least in the first year of marriage. The first year of your married life will be your teacher for life. Not only would that help you settle better but also give you new experiences.


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