Will a cheater always be a cheater? | cheating husband problem :(

Will a cheater always be a cheater? | cheating husband problem :(

Cheating husband problem

Who is a cheater? A cheater is a person who is dishonest, who’s manipulative and also someone who will lie to you to any extent to get their things done. | cheating husband problem 🙁

They will not be considerate of your feelings; they mostly do things for their gain or advantage.

Once I was watching an episode of Crime Patrol, so it’s a true story of a man who was living happily with his wife for five years or so and finally got caught for cheating on his wife. The story was that he was with her for her property and was planning to kill her with the help of his real wife who agreed for this whole plot and let her husband{cheating husband }live and marry and have children with another woman. Their plan was to kill her and take all her money and property.

This type of cheating is a whole new level. But notice how he married her and had children was living a normal life and was able to deceive her to such a great extent. Now it was a very unfortunate situation here since she had no idea she was being cheated upon.

First of all it is very important to understand that cheating can occur in various forms.

Cheating maybe cheating the partner with someone else or it could also mean to cheat someone for something in return as was the case above.

People cheat on people for various reasons. For lust, for love, for money, for fun, for popularity, to please the wrong people and most of these reasons are selfish and self-centered. That is one of the most important reasons why it is unforgivable. And cheating is one such habit that cannot be let go off in one go.

What most people fail to understand is that it is a gift to know that you are being cheated on. Initially, one is bound to live in denial. But sooner or later the reality begins to sink and when that happens instead of blaming yourself for it acknowledges that it is not your fault and the problem is with the one cheating is what is most important.

Only then can you take the right steps to walk out of it.

Will a cheater always be a cheater? Yes, a person who has already decided your worth as nothing and gone ahead being dishonest and worked for their own advantage such human thinking hardly ever changes.

You can look up n number of cases where a person who has cheated once has cheated again.

Yes it is a loss for you to walk out of a relationship you helped build but what is the gain in being in a meaningless one.

Yes you also face the loss of your partner’s doing by losing a relationship you spent time keeping but loving yourself should always come first.

If you are in a polygamous relationship or are ok with multiple partners then you have already set the terms for your relationship and your partner technically can never cheat on you. You are free to do the same.

But if it is a relation of commitment and one that involves two persons only then cheating is simply inexcusable.

A simple example, most of us have cheated in exams, it is also a form of cheating. It is breaching the teacher’s and your parent’s trust. Now recall as to how many times you tried not to cheat.

And after how many times of cheating did you begin to feel normal about it?

I bet 90% of us didn’t try to correct that behavior whatsoever because it began to feel so normal. But it was a deliberate action to do so. Cheating is never by accident.

In conclusion, “cheating is a choice, not a mistake.”


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