Are you a victim of relationship OCD? | Signs of a unhappy marriage

signs of a unhappy marriage

Signs of a unhappy marriage – OCD

The definition of relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is when one has it they attempt to end the relationship, and they are overwhelmed with anxiety. By staying in the unhappy marriage /relationship, however, they are haunted by continuous doubts regarding the relationship Which is the first signs of a unhappy marriage.



5 Ways to find Signs of a unhappy marriage /relationship OCD


Why is it important? Nobody wants to be in a happy, satisfied relationship and let any vain doubts be a deal breaker.

Ask yourself these questions to begin with:

  1. Do you begin doubting every conversation gesture your partner is having with the opposite gender? First signs of a unhappy marriage.

We live in a world where there are numerous human beings, younger, older. And we live in a society where relationships also exist. Your partner could be someone who is not an introvert and loves his or her social life as much as you do. Notice that the important point is ‘as much as you do’. But you’ve to make sure of ‘more than you’.

  1. Checking phones and emails only to end up finding nothing. Second signs of a unhappy marriage.

Checking on your partner’s phone is not unhealthy as long as it helps you clarify doubts and gives you peace in case you had the seed of suspicion planted. But when you find nothing and are not happy but disappointed then you are heading in the wrong direction. You begin going down a road that will bring you only more disappointments as all your suspicion is based on nothing.

  1. Your imagination is taking a toll on you. Third signs of a unhappy marriage.

You see you partner pat someone on the back and it looks like they are rubbing their back. You need to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Your thoughts are beginning to take a toll on you only for the bad and for the worse. You are in a very dangerous state of mind.

  1. You don’t believe your partner even when they explain their position to you with valid evidence. Fourth Signs of a unhappy marriage

Yes fake evidence can be generated but good evidence has a reliable backdrop to justify it like a person to witness (not from your known circle). You should always cut your partner some slack if this is the first time. You should begin to doubt when it begins to look like a habit and even then you should ask other friends to investigate the matter than taking it up yourself and losing your mind in the process.

5. You begin to lie about situations and make them feel guilty about faults they have not committed. Fifth signs of a unhappy marriage

This is when your case has become very extreme. You are bent on finding faults in them and proving your doubts right. You go to any extent to prove yourself right and scheme ways to make your partner feel guilty for any random thing.


What will happen if you continue down this path? and Ignoring signs of a unhappy marriage.


1. You will hurt your partner: a relationship is built on trust and constant doubting will make them feel bad no matter how hard they try, they will never earn your trust and that will hurt them. Result No. 1 while ignoring signs of a unhappy marriage.


2. Their attempt at trying to gain your trust will begin to fade. They will start believing that you have convinced yourself that they will always make you doubt their activities and they will stop trying to convince you that you are wrong and earn your trust. Result No. 2 while ignoring signs of a unhappy marriage.


3. Once the trying reduces so does the love. They will stop finding ways to show how much they love you. It would not matter as you will keep on doubting them and find ways to make their life miserable just for the sole reason that you want your doubt to be proved wrong. Result No. 3 while ignoring signs of a unhappy marriage.


4. Finally, you will manage to drive your partner away. They will go away if this continues. They will not want to be part of your episodes of doubts and constant denials. They will give up because they will realize they are not the solution to your problem and you are responsible for your condition and you don’t want to help you out or be part of the solution. Result No. 4 while ignoring signs of a unhappy marriage.


5. The most dreadful thing that can happen is that actually turn into the person you fear they are or doubt they are. This can be the most tragic outcome when they feel that there was no point in being loyal to you and they decide to become the person you doubt they are. There is no coming for them after that. Result No. 5 while ignoring signs of a unhappy marriage.

To deal with this condition, one should seek professional help and also accept support from their partner and family and friends or our jade magazine professional.

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