Happy Marriage: 9 common problems and solutions

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Don’t we all want to be like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson and surely, nobody wants to end up like Brangelina – Effect of husband and wife problems.

But making a marriage work is a two-sided play. Wanting for a marriage to work out is as much important as it is to know that it is coming to an end. There is no point being in a marriage that does not have a future. This does not mean you should not try and work things out when it begins to go down. But there are some very strong signs of an ending relationship. And one should look out for them instead of living in denial.

How to know when the fire is out?

  • Your romantic life begins to go down the spiral- {#1 husband and wife problem}

You tend to take interest in keeping that part of your life happening. Romance does not equate to age or experience. Its simply felt and enjoyed differently by different people. But it needs to be kept alive.- { #1 husband-wife relationship problem solution}

  • When you begin to take all the initiatives- {#2 husband and wife problem}

There is no harm in taking the first step but always taking the first step means the other person is either slacking or disinterested. The initiative requires one to have interest and a vision in mind. When both are lacking there is growing disinterest.- {  husband-wife relationship problem solution}

  • Couple activities decrease- {#3 husbands and wife problem}

A decrease in activities you both do together. From simple things like matching clothes to enjoying a T.V show together can all come to an end when you no longer take interest in doing things together. All these activities would require you both to have a common agenda for fun and enjoyment which begins to fade away when the signs parting become evident.- { #3 husband-wife relationship problem solution}

  • More priority is given to work friends and hobbies- {#4 husband and wife problem}

This is one the most common signs of a relationship in trouble and the more regular this becomes the more you can expect your partner to have “THE TALK” with you.- { #4 husband-wife relationship problem solution}

  • When you don’t communicate much- {#5 husband and wife problem}

Communication is essential for the existence of any relationship and marriage is no exception. Without communication you begin to slowly forget each other and care less for each other. Communication helps to understand each other’s feelings, needs and wants. And this in turn reflects on the behaviour. More we communicate, more favorable are the response and actions towards us. Sometimes silence is appreciated but that is when you know speaking will not do any good. Communication is important to keep at peace and important to sustain any relationship.- { #5 husband-wife relationship problem solution}

  • When there are less things that you can relate with- {#6 husband and wife problem}

The interest lost combined with loss in communication, as well you don’t grow together and you don’t learn about the changes that happen and you begin to miss out on the new things happening in each other’s lives and slowly there will be very few things you can relate to. And you begin to feel like a stranger with your partner. It is indeed a very tragic situation.- { #6 husband-wife relationship problem solution}

  • You enjoy time apart from each other- {#7 husband and wife problem}

As the distance grows between the two of you, you begin to find life more interesting with other people around you and explore new hobbies and avenues in life without consulting each other and you end up spending more time apart because that feels more fulfilling than being with each other.

  • You begin to argue more- {#8 husband and wife problem}

There comes a time all the above begins to surface and you have to confront each other the arguments take birth, initially some nights and then almost every day and every time you see each other’s faces. Soon it feels like you are looking for excuses to begin an argument. And the arguments are the only communication left between the two of you.- { #8 husband-wife relationship problem solution}

  • You don’t talk about the future- {#9 husband and wife problem}

Before the final string is pulled you know it because you stop talking about a future together. You know it’s going to end because you already feel like it has ended and you were just holding on till there was nothing left.- { #9 husband-wife relationship problem solution}

Becoming strangers again with your partner is not the best story to tell, but the hope is never lost.

Husband and Wife problems| husband-wife relationship problem solution | boring wife problem | husband wife problem solution baba | husband-wife all problem solution

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