Are you a victim of relationship OCD? | Signs of a unhappy marriage

signs of a unhappy marriage

Signs of a unhappy marriage – OCD The definition of relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is when one has it they attempt to end the relationship, and they are overwhelmed with anxiety. By staying in the unhappy marriage /relationship, however, they are haunted by continuous doubts regarding the relationship Which is the first signs of a unhappy marriage.     5 Ways to…

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Marriage is no Starbucks | marriage problems | marriage problem bible verses

Marriage is no Starbucks marriage problems marriage problem bible verses

Marriage Problems Imagine yourself at a Starbucks. The door of the coffee place is jammed, people inside are staring at you but no one is volunteering to help especially your friend who just got in. so you stand there, embarrassed feeling left out through the glass door staring at all the unknown faces who already feel like enemies you didn’t…

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Free love marriage Problem solution for Educated people

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Free Love Marriage Problem Solution Tips   Here we are sharing the very small poem on love marriage problem solution, Hope you like it and connect it with your story!!!!! When he got late for our first date I waited for him thinking it is fate When he reached with flowers and chocolates I knew this was meant to grow…

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Husband stereotypes | Causes of marriage problems

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Stereotypes – Causes of Marriage Problems   Generally, we hear about the problems wives have with their husbands. Now I would encourage every reader to give this a thought, don’t most of the problems arise out of expectations? Expectations set by stereotypes! which leads to causes of marriage problems. Expectations that have been tailored by the society and passed on…

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